Marcella Suarez / November 18, 2016

Holidays are coming up and that means fun times!! Apart from fun times though, it is also a good time to reflect on this last year and give thanks. Binge travels has created this special article for these special occasions that are coming up and I hope all of you enjoy it!! Everyone in one point in their life has this craving to travel, to explore something new and to have new adventures. Unfortunately, life circumstances make it harder for some people more than others. However, with that being said, one time in our life we get this opportunity to explore something new, even if it is a town away from our hometown and that is when our whole perspective of life changes.

Life can be hard growing up in a different country, with a different culture and environment to where you are from. You feel like you do not belong and you try really hard to fit in and you do, but you do not completely feel at home. As time passes by however, you start to realize that growing up in such a foreign place made you experience different things that you did not think possible. When you start to explore different cultures, different traditions, your mind starts to expand into a more knowledgeable state. It gives you that addiction to explore more of what this world has to offer.

People that travel in their 20s and 30s and even in their 40s and beyond have such a wide understanding of the world we live in. You start meeting new people, sharing stories of your past and your present. Experiencing deeper feelings, different laughs and different emotions that you didn’t think were possible before. It breaks you down into becoming a more humble person, of appreciating a sunset to appreciating a piece of architecture. And as the days pass by, you realize that home is not a place but a feeling you get by surrounding yourself with good hearted people, that teach you so much about life.

Suddenly, as you travel more, you not only grow within but the meaning of family grows more. So lets all give thanks this season. Give thanks for having the opportunity of seeing amazing faces each day. Of knowing that no matter how wrong the world is going that there is always still great people with kind hearts all around us, give thanks that we as people can experience that. That at the end of the day, we are all one.

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