Marcella Suarez / October 17, 2016

Spain is a country with many exceptional beaches. It becomes hard to choose where to go, because there are so many options. Luckily, I stumbled across this beautiful town beach the other day. To people that live in Barcelona or Valencia and want to get away for a weekend out of the hustle of the city, then this is the place. Peñiscola is situated 2 and half hours south of Barcelona, on the way to Valencia. It is actually a bit closer to Valencia than it is to Barcelona. The town is fascinating because it is not big that it throws a city vibe, but it isn’t too small as to feel there is not much to do there. The biggest attraction is the castle that is situated next to the beach. It is really a treat to just lay in the sand and have the castle as your view. I found this place really special because you truly come here to relax and take it easy, you don’t feel the need to do everything at a very fast pace. Here are some tips for when you decide to get away for a quick weekend and relax.

What to do?

Apart from the usual tanning and relaxing in the beach with a good book, there are quite a few activities. Paddle boarding is available for a decent price and it is personally one of my favorites. There are no waves, so it is quite relaxing just to paddle near the castle at sea and working on your tan at the same time. They also offer paddle boats that have a slide in them. They might seem only for children but they are quite fun for adults too! It is fun to spend a little time at the sea sliding down, perfect for a morning or an afternoon after a nap. If you are feeling like exploring, then take your car to other beaches far from the main one. This was great because there are some that are very secluded and you feel you are on your own with no one around you. You can just hear the waves crashing in the shore. Also, it is good to just take the car and explore a bit around and get to know the area better, it always makes for a good photo album!

Where to eat?

The main road of Peñiscola has a lot of restaurants to choose from and they are right in front of the beach! The price is good and some restaurants have exceptional seafood pizza. If you don’t mind spending a little bit more money, then you can head to the restaurants that are below the castle, the view they provide is worthwhile. Plus, the paella they serve is pretty good, being so close to Valencia which is known for their paellas.

Where to stay?

The best thing to do is stay in an Airbnb!! There are so many to choose from and they are at a very good price. The Airbnb that I went to had a perfect view for sunsets and it was literally within the castle. There is also other places that are not very centric, maybe a 5-minute drive with the car. These places have another beach nearby that is not the main beach. However, these places are still very nice since they have a pool.

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