Marcella Suarez / January 13, 2018

Even before getting off the train to this beautiful countryside town, you already know you're in for a treat. It is like you are entering this magical fairy place. When you get there, you feel as though all the hussle and loudness from the city is calm, there is just a sense of zen in the air. A lot of countryside towns are so special and dear to my heart because it is a place where you can just go to actually relax and eat good food. I was surprise at how much there is to do around Nevers. First thing is always going to explore the "downtown". The downtown in Nevers is like any countryside town. It is very quiet and low pace, perfect for going around walking the gardens and going to eat good French food. There is a beautiful palace called Ducal Palace that is now the town hall of Nevers. Nevers also has a river, which is wonderful to go on a boat tour over the canal. You can feel the tranquility in the air as you go all over the canals and looking at the beautiful scenery. There is so many beautiful gardens and rivers and people that appreciate nature would love a place like this. If you take a car from Nevers, there is a precious town around a 15 minute drive called Apremont. This town you have to see it to believe it! It is beautifully clean with houses that look straight out of a Hanzel and Gretel book. It is nice to go around the town and have a glass of wine and a plate of cheese while enjoying the river and later heading to the castle grounds of the village. This village is one of the most highly recommended places to go while visiting Nevers. All in all if you want to get away from all the fast pace life of Paris for a while, just take a train and in two hours you are there, give it a try, it wont disappoint.

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