Marcella Suarez / April 4, 2017

Berlin is known for being a hipster town, so different from the rest of Germany in their own unique way. This city has everything; from underground hipster parties with awesome music to a very interesting history that won’t disappoint you even one bit. Stepping out of the airport, you can smell the delicious pretzel and the delight Augustinerbraü München beer. A must try if I say so myself. As you step into the city center you start to get that psychedelic vibe that everybody seems to talk about. It is what makes Berlin so special, with all the famous artwork and all the buried memories behind it.

What to do?

The real question is: what can you NOT do there, since there is more to do than you have time for, but first things first. The Berlin wall. If you go to Berlin and you don't go to the Berlin wall its like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel tower, or going to Rome and not seeing the colosseum… you get my point. So the Berlin wall is a must! Not just for the world renowned history surrounding it, but the street artwork is simply breathtaking. Even if you are not an art lover you will be drawn to it and its story. Just walking the streets near the wall is nice, because you got a canal with a restaurant and on weekends street artists play music nearby. I was lucky enough to go on a Saturday afternoon and listen to them play while watching the sun go down and having a local beer, I couldn't have asked for a better ending of my first touristy day. Another touristy thing to take into account and that is a must is, the Holocaust memorial. The history will sadden you but it empowers you to know of all that happened. The museum underneath brings to light the experiences that the people endured. Another must see is the Brandenburg gate and the Berlin TV tower, which has a restaurant on the top and I heard that even though it is quite costly, it is worth it. Another tourist place to take into account is the Charlie Checkpoint and its museum.

Sunday funday!

Ok so that is not really a saying in Berlin, but it was a saying for me while there because Sundays are simply fun!! Mauerpark is packed with people on a Sunday and it is a great time! You’ve got awesome food, beer and music. What else can you want for curing those end of the weekend blues? The huge bonus of this park and what makes it extra special is their vintage market. There are hundreds of beautiful jewelry, clothes, sunglasses and much more! For music, they have bands that play reggae and they also have a massive karaoke show that you are free to join. There is no better place to be on a Sunday, it really is the IT place to be that day of the week.

The nightlife

Berlin, apart from having some of the best street artwork and history I have ever seen, is far from a bore at night. The nightlife is also at that same high level as everything else this cool city has to offer. On Sunday after the park, we went to Chalet Club. Chalet is one of the many clubs in Berlin, but this one is one of my personal favorites. For one, they are not too strict in the entrance like the others, and how the design is really nice. They have two separate doors on each side to go in, and in the middle, there is a huge garden with neon lights in the tops of the trees. It looks like such a fairy tale place to just relax and enjoy everything around you in their red sofas. I really recommend this place. Great service, and if you are a huge fan of techno music then this is definitely the place to go. Bars are everything in Berlin. There are so many cool and fun ones that if I mention all of them I will probably never finish. Two that are a must to check out are Bei Schlawinchen and Prater Garten for summer time. Bei Schlawinchen is great because not only is it open 24 hours but it's a real Berlin bar, a local place that as a tourist should go and try. Prater Garten has a massive outside place where you sit and have a beer on a lovely summer day. The nightlife in Berlin is truly one of a kind, and it's worth going out every night you are there to explore everything the city offers.

Where to stay?

Like other cities for young people like Berlin, Amsterdam and even Barcelona, the best option to stay is an Airbnb. If you are going alone or with one other person then you can rent a private room in an Airbnb and not only do you save some money on food and accommodation, but you also get to socialize with people from the apartment. Granted you do that in a hostel also, but Airbnb is more of a home away from home. Even if you go with a group, renting the whole place is the best option. You have more privacy and it is more intimate.

What to take into account

Personally, Berlin is one of the best cities I have ever been to. It has that hipster, chill vibe that makes it stand out from a lot of cities around the word. It has that new and exciting feel that so many people crave. For me I have nothing negative to say about the city. The only thing I feel people should take into account is how big the city is. People do not realize it but it is quite big. So going from place to place will definitely take a while.

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