Marcella Suarez / December 11, 2016

Binge Travels has its first ever “Team Up.” The website gathered 7 of my close friends who have lived or still live in Barcelona and we each inquired what are the best places to go on a night out in this lively city. We cut it down to the top 10, but trusts us there is more to see than anyone can imagine. I mean after all it is Barcelona, there are so many clubs, bars left and right. Some people probably won’t agree to some on the list and that’s why we decided to do the team up and just discuss each experience.

1. La Oveja Negra

It is packed with tourists, but the sangria is too good to pass up, it is a cool place to get you started for the night ahead.

2. La Xampanyeria

I mean you can’t come to Barcelona and not go to the Xampanyeria. It is amazingly cheap and the bubbly isn’t bad either. Great place for a chill night out.

3. George Payne

It is an Irish pub and another awesome place to get you pumped for the night with the 1 liter mojito they offer.

4. La Fira

I mean it is a latin club, need to say more? Everyone likes to dress up and go on a night out to dance to raggeaton music and the whole thing. Plus this place is awesome because the customer service is great, they don’t pretend to be something they are not.

5. Bling Bling

If you are into super elegant and chic, then this place is for you. The music is super up to date with what’s “in”. It is the most exclusive club on the list but worth a try, it does not disappoint.

6. Harlem Jazz Club

If you are feeling a bit jazzy and just want to chill with a whiskey and listen to the awesome music then this is the place to go.

7. Sala Apolo

If you like big crowds, then go to Sala Apolo. The club is informal, but the music is great, it has a variety depending on the day.

8. Jamboree

It is somewhat of an underground club. It is always packed with people but the music makes up for it. If you are into some 90s throwbacks and rap then this is the place to go.

9. Espit Chupitos

This place is dangerous in a very fun way. If you want to pre-game hard and fast and not spend so much money, then it is your match. Plus, there are some around the city, which makes it easier to hop to a club afterwards.

10. Opium

This is my personal favorite all year round, especially in summer!!! It’s great because it is right by the beach. It has a terrace and ok maybe the music might not be that great (unless you are into techno), but after a few drinks, who cares? The atmosphere makes up for it.

Regardless of where you like to go or what you like to do at night, we can all agree that Barcelona never disappoints when it comes to their nightlife. There is so much to choose from, that no matter how long you have been living in the city, you never feel that you have seen it all.

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