Marcella Suarez / January 24, 2017

Think Napa Valley meets Bordeaux, Yarra Valley has got it all. Just more or less an hour away from Melbourne sits this magnificent place that a lot of tourists and locals alike have come to love. It is hard to choose what wineries to go to and where to eat, so Binge Travels knock it down easily for you and made a list of a perfect way to spend the day enjoying yourself.

How to get there?

We highly recommend taking a tour bus rather than your own car. You can enjoy the scenery more and you don't have to worry about driving after a few glasses of wine. Binge Travels recommends WineBus Winery Tour. The owner is the same person who drives the bus. He is friendly and funny and makes the ride worthwhile. Also, it is not a huge company, so it is nice just to be in an intimate atmosphere. This tour takes you to three wineries, a brewery for lunch and a quick stop at a chocolate factory before going back to Melbourne. The price is $130 all included and trust us, it is all worth it.

Winery tour

The first winery on the list gives you a taste of their lovely sparkling wine. The winery is called Domaine Chandon. You can choose which one you want to try out of their five different bottles, the one that people like the most and which is very popular is the red sparkling wine. The place is lovely with their view, big green trees and their colorful roses. It makes you feel good just to go walk around and feel nature surround you. The second place we went to was a brewery for lunch. This was such a treat because in the tour, not only do you get to go wine tasting, you also get to try different craft beers! The lunch was all you can eat pizza, I mean really, need to say more? After lunch we went to the second vineyard called Helen & Joey Estate. It was up a hill, with a nice view of the property, and you even get to see kangaroos! In this place you get to try 6 different kinds of wine they produce, from chardonnay to sauvignon and lastly the sweet dessert wines. The last vineyard we stop in was my personal favorite because it wasn't as big and luxurious as the first two. It was called Yerin farm. This place has a rustic cabin as the place where everyone goes to taste the wine. They also give you around 6 different types of wine to taste from. Just to be there in the cabin tasting the wine gives it a bit of a home away from home cozy feeling. On our way back to Melbourne, the last stop we made was to the chocolate factory. The tour only stops here for around 30 minutes and it is really a good idea just to wind down and eat a cone of ice cream and get free sample chocolates before making our way back home! All in all, Yarra Valley has got it all, and it is a perfect place just to spend a lovely day enjoying yourself with delicious wine, food and lovely view.

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