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Bali has always been a favorite destination for everyone. It has everything that you dreamed of: amazing beaches, both for surf and snorkel, breathtaking landscapes with rice fields and temples and a great party scene. Plus, it never hurts that it is cheaper than a lot of other destinations. When you arrive, you just take everything in at the same time. The heat, the smell of vacation and excitement and the smiles of taxi drivers that drive you faster than you will ever experience. The first thing you got to think about Bali when you book your vacation is where exactly you want to stay. Which brings us to...

Where to stay?

There are a lot of options and it really depends what you are looking for. Bali is quite big, so you need to plan it good, even though taking a taxi from one place to another is really cheap. Binge Travels chose Kuta Selatan to stay. It has really nice beaches around, with one of the best sunsets, if not the best place to watch sunsets in Bali. The beaches around the area are really good for surf, and since the traffic here is not as bad as Kuta and other places, it is nice to ride around in a motorbike. We were lucky to have found a private villa to stay in this area, at a very reasonable price called Bukit Vista. The party scene is not big here, it is mostly quite, though there are some reggae parties around.This place however, is mostly good to downwind and relax and surf. Other really famous places to stay in Bali are Seminyak, for big resorts, though take note that the party scene in Seminyak is too expensive and really a bit too strict for Bali. If you are really looking for good and cheap partying, you can always go to Kuta, it is loud and crowded and worth going for a night, but I would not recommend staying there. Another place worth a visit is Ubud. Ubud is famous for their rice fields and their yoga and meditation retreats. It really is a nice place to stay for a night or two in a retreat and recharge yourself before finishing your vacation. It really is a fun experience to walk around Ubud and to go try their coffee, and walk around the rice fields, while browsing some antiques to take back home. If you do not have time to stay a night in Ubud, you can always just go spend the day, but it really is worth going. Other famous places to stay in Bali that are also quite nice are Nusa Dua and Sanur. Like stated before, it really depends what kind of scene you like and what your budget is, regardless though, Bali offers a huge selection of places to stay.

Where to eat?

This one is so difficult, because it really depends where you are staying and going. There are a lot and I mean a lot of restaurants all around. Each area has their good restaurants, always though try to eat really local. The food is not only really good, but you are also helping the local community. Balinese food is a bit similar to Thai and Cambodian food, it does not disappoint one bit and you will just overdose with deliciousness.

What to do?

Bali has got it all! I am more than sure, that you will not spend even a minute of dullness in this beautiful place. During the day there are a lot of activities that you can choose from. From going to the monkey temple, to visiting endless temples all around. You can also spend some time chilling by your hotel pool with a good book and cocktail , or make use of all the water activities in the beach, like snorkelling and jet skiing. If you are into surf, then you are in luck. Bali has one of the best surf in the world, so you will surely enjoy it. At night, you can go to dinner and then head to the many bars and clubs all over the island.


Getting a taxi in Bali is easy and cheap. We were lucky enough to hire a very nice taxi driver to drive us all around Bali for the day, at an amazing price! His name is Juniawan. You can contact him through the following:

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Regardless of what your purpose for visiting Bali is, you will never be dissapointed by the warm smiles of the locals, the one of a kind food, and breathtaking views of temples, beaches and world class sunsets. This is one of a kind place worth visiting.

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